Composition: 100 Spunbond FeltColour: WhiteWidth: 120 cm. 1m filter material is sufficient for approx. 50 mask filters. The filter can be worn for up to 24hrs after which is must be disposed of. The prodct is not designed to be washed and reused. For cotton fabrics for making masks please visit of online shop here.


£14.00 Regular Price
£10.00Sale Price
1 Meter
  • The filter is not washable, once you have used the filter, please put it in a bin.


    • Tested by Koungbook medical textile centre in Korea with KOLAS Korea.
    • Experimented with 0.6 µm (1×10−6 m) particles (Korean Filter standard).
    • It is suitable for blocking sneeze spread.

    “The SARS-CoV-2 virus itself is around 50-200 nanometres wide. “Any mask” will not prevent you catching it. The WHO says masks are only effective when combined with regular hand washing. Viruses like this can enter through the eyes even if you’re wearing a mask.” –

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