Article by Hillary Khan, 

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Unique Ways Artists and Crafters Can Get Their Work Noticed and Shared


Working in a creative industry as an artist, musician, designer, or craft maker can be a challenging way to make a living. Some of these jobs aren’t full-time regular work but short-term assignments. Many crafters may be waiting for their big break. From Brenda Killigrew Sewing Studio, here are some unique ways you can get your work noticed so you can command higher prices and get more recognition.


Keep Producing New Work


Anyone in a creative industry should aim to be consistently producing new creative work. Musicians, artists, fashion designers, writers, and other creatives have to focus on increasing their production and output. Creatives can improve their process to get more high-quality projects finished by approaching it from a business standpoint.


Connect With Others in Your Community


Artists can also increase their chances of getting noticed by the right people by expanding their network of industry contacts. Connecting with more of your peers, other artists, agents, gallery owners, music venue bookers and more could help you spread the word about your talent.


Learn the Ins and Outs of Social Media Marketing


A huge part of getting noticed in a creative industry is understanding how to harness social media marketing. You should be using your Instagram and other social media accounts to share your work and get more followers or fans. Learn strategies to help increase the number of followers you have and your reach.


One useful strategy is to give away some of your work for free via social media. If you have a Facebook business page, you may be able to upload a PDF to share with your followers. This is an excellent way to share a sewing pattern you’ve created, for example. Your followers can then share your work with others, which will help grow your business.


Refine Your Brand


Your brand and image as a creative also need to be well defined so you can get more attention. Branding is a business skill that requires some research and legwork. You’ll need to determine your visual branding strategy with your work, such as creating a logo for your name or a specific professional look for yourself.


Update Your Portfolio and Resume


People in the creative industry should also constantly update their portfolio, commissions, and resume to show off talents and accomplishments. It helps to maintain a website dedicated to showing off your work so that prospective clients can get a sense of your personal style and skills.


Share Your Work Frequently


Artists, musicians, and other people in creative fields also need to be comfortable with sharing their work as much as possible. Upload videos, music files, images, and more of your work to digital sites, social media, and more to get more exposure. Be sure to protect your creative work with watermarks and disclaimers for copyright.


Make Appearances


It’s also necessary to make appearances representing your work as much as you can. Attend craft fairs, music festivals, creative industry galas, store openings, trade shows, and whatever else you can to get your name out there more and meet more people who could be future customers.


Experiment With Your Creativity


Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with your work and try new things to carve out a niche for your work or attract curious followers on social media. Try different mediums or techniques or go out of your comfort zone so you can take your work to the next level.


If you want to make it as a creative professional, you have to treat your work like a business, meet people in the industry, expand your social media knowledge and generate more creations. This can help you get noticed and make a living from your creative work.


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